About me.

Harder, faster, stronger, leaner and more flexible: I was always strict for myself in the years that I performed in figure skating. My name is Elise Pollé and I am 27 years old. In addition to my part-time job as a Dutch teacher at a high school in Rotterdam, I enjoy exercising and teaching different kinds of yoga in the evenings.

Relax your mind and let it all go.

Since practicing yoga, I am feeling noticeably more comfortable living in my own skin, I pass through life more relaxed and I have gotten better at recognizing and avoiding the signals of stress. In contrast to the period that I did figure skating, I no longer have to look strictly at my body. So I decided to follow a YinYoga course (100 hours, Yoga Alliance) at YogaGarden in Amsterdam, where I came to complete serenity thanks to YinYoga and was able to convert the best from within myself. After that course I decided to follow a 200-hours Vinyasa (Yang) Yoga course at the same teachertraining.

I think it's great to be able to offer the yogis a bit of love, real attention and deep relaxation.

After all, on the yoga mat you can focus entirely on yourself, creating that little moment all for yourself. You'll learn to accept who you are and learn to understand you don't always have to be strict with yourself but 'love' instead.

Yoga styles.

Swan Yoga

Yoga, massage and personal attention are mixed at SwanYoga in a wonderful hour for yourself, so that you will leave the class relaxed and energetic! The group will never count more than 12 persons, so I can give you all the attention you need at that moment. In addition, I will add a few massage moments in class, so you will relax more and more.

You can choose one of these styles:

Yin Yoga

Yin is a beautiful yoga form where you can withdraw from the chaos around us. It gives you a moment for yourself where you can feel, reflect and let go. Yin yoga will help you strengthen your joints, loosen your muscles and your connective tissue.

Yin is the most popular style at my school, because people like the relaxation a lot!

Yang Yoga

Yang will, more than at YinYoga, revolve around strength. Through the flow during this lesson you develop more strength and stamina, so that you can let go of your thoughts and learn to relax. You integrate your breathing into the asanas (exercises), which together create a flow. You will feel stronger and fitter!

Would you like to try out?

Click the request trial button below and complete the form. I will  personally contact you and reserve a seat for the next session. Please note that Dutch native language will be leading during our sessions however, i will also provide guidance in English.


  • Try out session €6,-
  • 1 session on-the-go €12,-
  • 10 sessions membership card €100,-
  • half-year-membership: €35,- each month.
Payment can proceed either in cash or by card and is usually requested after your first session.

every tuesday:

  • Yang Yoga (more power) 19.15-20.15 uur
  • Yin Yoga (very relaxing) 20.30-21.45 uur
Location: Boschstraat 42, Breda (in the centre of Breda)

The class will of course be (partly) in English if you can't speak the Dutch language.